"Sunshine Playschool makes my mama and educator heart sing. As a mama, it matters so much that my son is warmly welcomed, guided and supported, included in a loving community, and that if he needs help or love, it is always there. As a longtime educator, it matters to me that preschoolers are able to explore the world in a variety of ways. They need to engage in a lot of play, projects based on children's interests, space for creative expression, music, moving their bodies, imaginative play, empathy and guidance in how to appropriately approach peers and the world; all of these things build the skills needed for children to become thriving, successful beings. Sunshine Playschool offers all of these things and more. I couldn't be happier that this is my son's preschool experience."

~ Melissa A., Pinole, CA

"... Every day [our children] say that their favorite part of the day is going to school.  The inside and outside play areas are awesome, and it's the perfect size for preschoolers: not too many kids, not too few kids.  There is a low student to teacher ratio, and most importantly every one of the teachers is incredibly patient and kind.

... This is a warm, nurturing, stimulating place, and it has really helped me feel totally confident that my kids are in good hands.... There are frequent field trips, potlucks, and children's birthday parties, so we feel like we've gotten to know the families here much more than we would at another school.  I am consistently blown away by the teachers and the joy they bring to school.

...Children here feel safe and loved and heard and I cannot dream of a better place for my children."

~ Moira W., Pinole, CA (Yelp)


"... I visited a lot of schools and chose Sunshine based on the way I saw the teachers interacting with the kids and how the kids responded to the teachers. I'm also a little over the top when it comes to preschool quality, so I called the licensing board and looked up all of their licensing numbers going back over a decade and they have never had any kind of a violation since they have been opened.  

All of the teachers and the director are warm and responsive to the kids, and they seem to possess superhuman patience.  My kids had been going to another program that was mornings only and were not very excited to change schools, but they absolutely love going to Sunshine now.  Every day at dinner I ask, "What was your favorite part of the day," and every day they answer "School!""

~ Happy Sunshine Parent (from Berkeley Parents Network review)


"I highly recommend Sunshine. We are also near the El Cerrito/Richmond border, there are a few families from here that have followed Sunshine to the new school space. It is a great play-based program. The of the teachers are all amazing, very kind and patient. They have all been teaching here a long time and have a ton of experience. The ratio is great as well, and I feel that my son gets the attention he needs. He started at 3 (coming from a nanny share) and we are in our second year. The space is great, two big rooms and a huge outdoor space. The director is very responsive and good at keeping parents informed, and helps to build the school community with several fun family events a year. There are monthly field trips. Also, the parents are all very nice and there is a private FB group for Sunshine parents. You won't regret enrolling your [child]!"

~ Anonymous Reviewer (from Berkeley Parents Network)


"What helped us choose Sunshine over other schools is it that it is play-based. You won't see kids mindlessly doodling on worksheets. Children are engaged in learning colors, letters and number concepts through singing, stories, art and use of manipulatives. What more, is that while children are learning the academics they are having so much fun! They really promote a love for learning. Even more important, at least in my view, is that Sunshine is creating great little citizens by continually fostering social skills such as sharing and positive conflict resolution. 

 The four teachers there are amazing! I am in awe of how patient and kind they treat each of the children. I was initially worried about my somewhat shy daughter transitioning, however, she took immediately to Miss Heather and now says they are all her favorite 😉 

  Sunshine is really a community of amazing parents, children and teachers. We have made some great friendships which I expect to continue even after my daughter graduates this summer."

~ Renee M., El Sobrante, CA (Yelp)